Rapper Inky: Only the beginning

Caribbean rapper Inky commands his vocals on the tracks like the king of the Gods of Mount Olympus Zeus himself. Getting mainstream attention as an independent brand, he consistently feeds his core fan base with singles and collabs with various artists to stamp his signature sound as the next melodic star to come out of Sint Maarten. After displaying his talent on tracks like "Island Slang", "Proud of That", & "Hold a 100", the independent artist is solely focused on continued growth throughout every quarter of this year. Thus far, his collabs and singles, to date, have grossed over one hundred thousand streams as he continues to be one of the rawest authentic lyrical artists in the city. Inky, as an artist, really represents his culture coming from a place of struggle and getting it out of the mud. Unlike many of his peers he was never handed any handouts and always had to make calculated moves in order to excel in his field, with his latest string of releases. 2021 is definitely a breakthrough year for new heights as he plans to soar above unapologetically with no remorse. You can also get more updates on his latest tracks by following him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.